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Contribtions Online Magazine: The ‘How-to’ source for those working or volunteering at America’s charitable organizations, Contributions focuses on all facets of fundraising and organizational management. Each issue offers executive directors and development officers a wealth of articles, information, and tips.
Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox: One of the most talked about subjects in the nonprofit field is the question of effectiveness, performance measurement, and results-collectively referred to as "outcomes." Nonprofit organizations are increasingly being pressed to measure and report their outcomes regularly to funders and other constituents; in addition, service organizations need some form of regular feedback on their outcomes to help them improve their services.
Good is Not Enough Good Is Not Enough: In this book Keith Wyche tells stories of his own experience and those of some of the thousands of minorities he has counseled on how to overcome the (often hidden) obstacles to getting ahead in their careers. In "Good Is Not Enough" you'll also gain insight from prominent minority executives at the highest levels of corporate America, such as Ken Chenault of American Express, Richard Parsons of Time Warner, Aylwin Lewis of Sears Holdings, and Lloyd Trotter of GE.
Financial Secrets of the Man of Means Financial Secrets of the Man of Means: The more affluent business owner needs to graduate from the mass marketing campaigns of the largest financial vendors to one of a client-centered approach utilizing enlightened financial advisors. The well-educated and enlightened advisors to America's largest corporations and the mega-wealthy know these secrets well. These advisors have known these so-called secrets for many years, and unfortunately few others have learned what a Man of Means can do to produce more and protect and preserve the harvest.
The Future of NonProfits The Future of NonProfits: In the most important nonprofit book since UNCHARITABLE, Randal C. Moss and David J. Neff show how the future of innovation, internal entrepreneurship, fundraising and social media communications are going to radically reshape the landscape of nonprofits in the next five years.